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Menopause & Peri-menopause

The change in life – when women experience hormonal imbalances and the menstrual cycle starts to fade away. For many women, this is a mild or almost unnoticed time of change. Hot flashes are what most people think of in relation to menopause. But for many, this can start with peri-menopausal symptoms such as major shifts with sleep issues, emotional sensitivity and unpredictable periods. It is often difficult to connect the dots and realize that these symptoms are even related to the gynecological function.

It’s not uncommon to find patients who are having sleep problems that do not seem to involve heat or any other connection to the cycle. If these sleep problems bring her to get treatment, we can usually avoid having them worsen or begin to involve the emotions, anxiety and/or unwanted symptoms associated with the cycle such as heavy bleeding, light bleeding, long or short cycles, increased pain bloating and weight-gain.

In most cases, a course of Laser Meridian Imprinting along with Chinese herbal medicine and sometimes traditional acupuncture, we can help resolve these issues within 3 to 6 treatments!

If you would like to get relief naturally, give us a call!

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