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Goodbye to Food Allergies

Allergies to foods are more common that most people think. Though an itching or swelling reaction in the lips, gums and throat are some of the usual symptoms that come with an allergy, there can be others that we don’t often associate with food allergies.

Many people suffer from various skin issues such as eczema that may not seem to be related to ingestion of foods, but are in fact allergies to such things as eggs, dairy or other foods. The reaction can many times be so delayed following the eating of the food that a clear relationship is difficult to see. Surprisingly, the allergic reactivity can be so powerful that even close proximity to the offending allergen is enough to provoke the reaction.

How many people realize that their abdominal bloating, stomach ache, weight gain or acid reflux is very often related to reactions to food? The food can not only cause an irritation to these tissues but also make proper digestion of these foods impossible – leading to weight gain, weight loss and/or nutritional deficiencies.

The intestines can also be an area that are negatively impacted by food allergies. This can manifest as diarrhea and/or constipation as well as lower abdominal bloating and gas. If the allergy is untreated, the severity of the irritation in the intestines (as well as other tissues the allergy impacts) can become so severe that more chronic disorders can appear.

Over many years, I have treated food allergies with over a 90% success rate eliminating the sensitivity to the particular food or foods. In each case, we will also determine if there is irritation in particular tissues such as the esophagus, stomach, intestines. If there is, we also heal the tissues. By addressing both the allergens and the irritation in the tissues, we can make significant progress quickly. The treatment involves Laser Meridian Imprinting and is thus pain-free and highly effective. If you suspect food allergies in yourself or your children, don’t hesitate to make an appointment in order to free yourself from these reactions as soon as possible.

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