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Alternative Approaches to Healing -

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

If the types of treatments that you have tried have not had a satisfactory outcome and you feel that the root of your problems has not been sufficiently addressed, you should consider trying our clinic. Our approach is not constrained by any particular methodology or sharply defined by a theoretical model. We have found that many difficult to treat disorders require looking outside the box.

We draw from Oriental Medicine – including acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, but also from Western herbal medicine, homeopathy and laser therapy. For a single disorder, whether it is rooted internally or externally (muscle & joint pains), we will use one the method that has proven to be most effective for that condition. Alternatively, we will often use two or three methods of treatment that work synergistically in combination to produce an outcome that is greater than the outcome possible utilizing only one method. In the case of chronic disorders, we will make recommendations for dietary changes that are crucial in such instances in order to stimulate a positive outcome.

Laser Meridian Imprinting Chinese & Western Herbal medicine

Traditional Acupuncture Dietary Recommendations

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