Laser Meridian Imprinting


Opening the Acupuncture Meridian Pathways

Comprehensive, Pain-free & Amazingly Effective

Western medicine views allergies as an overreaction of the immune system in response to a substance that is usually harmless to the human body. Energy-based allergy approaches view allergies from Oriental medical principles which focus on the energy flow of the human body.

When the allergen’s incompatible electromagnetic energy comes close to a person’s energy field, repulsion takes place...This causes energy blockages in the meridians. These blockages cause imbalances in the body. The imbalances cause stagnation and illness which creates disorganization in the body function. The disorganization of the body and its function involve the vital organs, their associated muscle groups and nerve roots. To prevent the allergen from causing further disarray after producing the initial blockage, the brain sends messages to every cell of the body to reject the presence of the allergen. This rejection will appear as repulsion, and the repulsion will produce different symptoms in the person like weak limbs, tiredness, aches, pains, insomnia, constipation, anger and many other such unpleasant symptoms.


Laser Meridian Imprinting is designed not only to help your body release foreign molecules from your body (e.g. bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites) but also stimulate the release of inflammation and improve tissue healing. This is done in a two-step process. First, based on the patient’s medical history and present signs and symptoms (as well as the practitioner’s experience), the patient is tested using homeopathic solutions through kinesiology (a non-invasive form of muscle-testing). Once the testing is complete, not only will we be able to gather a more specific idea of the underlying cause of the illness or dysfunction, but we will also be able to develop a targeted treatment plan for the individual. The treatment involves stimulating traditional acupuncture locations on the body utilizing homeopathic laser imprinting.​​​​​​​​​​

When the allergen’s incompatible electromagnetic energy comes close to a person’s energy field, repulsion takes place...This causes energy blockages in the meridians.


Homeopathics as an electromagnetic information guide

Resonance-based medicine is based on the principle that healing takes place when the energy of the body is balanced. A balanced energy is the smooth flow of energy through the body. This balanced state is a kind of homeostasis but includes this fundamental pranic or qi energy that is the intelligence behind maintaining this equilibrium – a quality that not only is able to adapt but also to heal, directing the life force energy to correct abnormalities as well as sustain physiological systems.  By utilizing the electromagnetic signature of substances that is contained in the homeopathic vial, we are able to reset the body back to homeostasis in relation to the substance that the vial represents.  The vial containing the balanced electromagnetic signature is then able to reset or balance the body's information.  The body then resonates properly with the substance that it reacted to previously.

Allergies, Immunity, Fatigue, Asthma, Stomach and Sinus Issues Are All Related . . .


Red spectrum low level laser as the information carrier

In recent years, laser therapies of various types and strengths have become quite common in medical practice.  In the majority of cases, the laser is used to directly affect the body tissues in order to induce local healing.  But there is another use for low-level lasers and that is as a carrier of information.  We are all familiar with this technology.  We see it in use daily with CD and DVD players.  In these cases, the laser is used as a carrier for data contained on the CD/DVD disc.  The coherent nature of the laser is well-suited to carry data or information from the disc to the player.  Research has noted that the red spectrum of light  is used by our body's cells to communicate.  So in the Laser Meridian Imprinting, we use a low-level, red spectrum laser to act as a carrier for the homeopathic information contained in vials.

Laser Meridian Case Studies

Female 58 yo

Chronic post nasal drip and coughing

After testing, it was determined that she had several issues related to her sinuses.  We treated her for:


dust and dust mites

cat dander


irritated paranasal sinuses

irritated nasal mucosa

After the 5th treatment, her post nasal drip and coughing stopped.

Female 3 months old

Breast milk intolerance - pain and regurgitation after eating

After testing, we found a strong reaction to:


irritation in stomach

irritation in cardiac sphincter

After the second treatment, breast milk was tolerated without issues.

Male 63 yo

Acid reflux (GERD)

Abdominal bloating

Testing indicated the following issues:

stomach irritation

cardiac sphincter irritation

small intestine irritation




After the 4th treatment, his symptoms subsided.

Female 45 yo

Eczema on knees, elbows, neck

Asthma  (all symptoms since teenager)

She had several items of interest:




hyper reactivity in lungs

reactivity to cortisone

irritation in large intestine

After 6 treatments, her eczema and asthma disappeared.

Male 15 yo

Chronic stomach aches (constant for 3 years)

We treated him for the following items:

artificial sweetners



irritated stomach

After 3 treatments, he no longer had stomach aches.

Female 28 yo

Itchy skin and frequent hives 

She had a variety of reactions to make-up, lotions and soaps:


cleansing cremes

eye liner

hair dye



dog dander

After 8 treatments, she was either reaction free or with a couple of items, she had to change to a different product.