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Three Major Causes of Disease

Spiritual/Mental/Emotional Imbalance


Fake Foods

Insufficient Rest/



The body is designed to heal itself. BUT it requires proper maintenance by each person addressing these areas in their life. For most of us, it will be necessary to alter one’s perspective on these areas since our society promotes a false view on how to maintain our health.  By addressing these three areas, one can for the most part, successfully manage one's health.  Of course, most of us do not know or pay attention to these areas of concern until we are already dealing with severe health problems that require expert intervention.  In the vast majority of such chronic, severe illness, we are able to address the health concerns utilizing a variety of alternative medicine techniques and return the patient back to normal health within a relatively short period of time.  Then by applying these health principles, patients are able to maintain themselves in health.


Spiritual/Mental/Emotional Imbalance

Key point – Develop an understanding of your life from a higher perspective.
Realize that peace comes from not looking at one’s life separated from others but seeing oneself as a part of a greater whole. We are all connected.
We are weak and need each other. Seek to help and understand others.  This is much more beneficial to your spiritual/mental/emotional health than  seeking to be helped and understood.

Altruism VS. Selfishness.  In many cases of imbalance in this area, stress, anxiety, irritability and insomnia become significant problems.  We find that acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can be of  major help in achieving balance.

food additives.png
food additives.png

Fake Foods

Key point – Nearly ALL of our food is adulterated with pesticides, chemical additives and genetic
modification.  Quite often we find that the frequent ingestion of these fake foods lead to a variety of allergies.  In order to eat real food, you must eat whole, organic, non-packaged foods. If you
eat animal products, you must ensure that they are also fed organic or wild foods – otherwise, the
negative impact of these foods are passed on to you.   Most of the "latest" food fads totally miss this critically important point.  The poisonous, chemical nature of most of our foods are most definitely correlated to cognitive disorders,  lymphatic congestion, tumor development and cancer.  The overemphasis on macronutrition in conventional nutrition and near-total ignoring of chemical contamination in the food is a GREAT disservice to those attempting to succesfully manage their health.

Insufficient Rest/ Movement

Key point – without sufficient sleep (7-8 hours undisturbed sleep per night), one ’ s body is unable
to properly recover from the energy output of the day, nor is it able to go through a proper
healing cycle.
Without sufficient movement (at least 20 minutes a day walking, rebounding or other
exercise, the lymphatic system in the body is unable to function properly.

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