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Eliminating Allergies

Allergies can cause all kinds of unpleasant, distracting symptoms, from digestive upsets and headaches to respiratory trouble and runny eyes. However, you may also have experienced another few hallmark symptoms of allergy problems: fatigue, drowsiness, and mental sluggishness.

If you have had noticeable trouble gathering your thoughts, maintaining your alertness, or even staying awake during the day, you need to understand how your allergies may create or aggravate your tiredness. An allergic reaction occurs when your immune system goes into battle by mistake, attacking a harmless substance as if it were a virus or other germ.

If you suffer from allergic sinusitis, you may naturally breathe through your mouth instead of your nose. Unfortunately, while this response can help your lungs get some much-needed air, it can also create or worsen another condition known as sleep apnea.

But one of the major reasons that allergies may be linked to fatigue is that the body uses precious energy that is normally used to maintain the body’s functions, to address allergic reactions throughout the body. This process tends to worsen over time and eventually, patients experience of fatigue becomes more problematic than the allergies that may be causing it.

Treating such syndromes is one of my specialties! Utilizing a unique alternative medicine technique, within a short time, we can turn these problems around.  We do this successfully by: Eliminating sensitivities to the allergens & Reducing the irritation in the body's tissues.  To learn more about our treatment method, see here.  To see some of the things that we treat in more detail, see our blog.


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Don't Desensitize, Eliminate the Allergy!

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Eliminating  Sensitivities to Allergens

The first step in dealing with allergies is to change the body's perception of the allergen (whether it be a food or environmental allergen).  We do this by performing a series of painless treatments which gently nudge the body back to it's default healthy, balanced state in relation to the allergen.  Our success rate is over 90%!  Once you have been successfully treated, you will finally enjoy the relief of no allergies.  Give us a call to find out more!

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Reducing Irritation in Body Tissues

The next vital step in eliminating allergies is to ensure that the concerned body tissues are not in a state of irritation and thus dysfunction.  In the case of sinus allergies, this would mean reducing the inflammation in the nasal mucosal tissues.  In digestive reactions, we would address the stomach and or intestinal tissues.  Of course, other tissues in the body may also be addressed (such as: skin, ears, throat, bladder etc.).  By addressing both the body's reaction to the allergen as well as the chronic irritation to the concerned tissues, you can enjoy life again at last!

Trinna Lang

He treated me for a cat allergy. I used to break out in large red itchy welts. One treatment 15 yrs. ago did the trick!


Jake has been treating me for a few years now for everything from Lyme disease and severe fatigue to food and environmental allergies.  His treatments are what keeps me functioning!

Mo And

Amazing, simply amazing. After suffering for months with progressively worsening stomach pain and fatigue, Jake identified the issue and the pain was gone in less than 2 weeks. I am very grateful.

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