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Meet Jake

I have been practicing for 25 years.  I am trained in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, NAET, Laser Meridian Imprinting and detoxification protocols.  I enjoy working with complex cases (such as Lyme Disease and MCS) and find my fulfillment in successfully assisting my patients back to health.  I have found that complex health conditions are significantly easier to diagnose and treat when viewed as multiple, individual issues that are intertwined.  Once these are separated out and any immune system weakness is addressed, success usually follows.

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My Specializations

In general, I specialize in patients who have been dealing with chronic, difficult to diagnose/treat disorders. These disorders usually involve multiple systems in the body and are often made more severe because of a weak immune function. I have found that by addressing the multiple problems simultaneously while improving immune function, we can make a breakthrough within a relatively short amount of time. Here are some of the major areas that are often found in such patients:

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Chronic Disorders

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Stomach Issues

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Lyme Disease

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Sinus Issues

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Hormonal Imbalance

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Immune Deficiency

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My Treatment Methods


Laser Meridian Imprinting

Laser Meridian Imprinting is a modified form of acupuncture treatment that combines Oriental medical and conventional medical theory with advanced low-level lasers and homeopathic-like substances. This method discovers information deficiencies in the body and then provides the body with the correct information so that the body can make internal adjustments in order to return to optimal functioning. In this way, the body is able to self-correct - adjusting the system in a perfectly balanced, natural way. Consequently, there is no danger of over or under stimulating. The treatment acts as a catalyst to the body's innate healing mechanisms.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

There are hundreds of commonly used individual herbs that are nearly always used in combination with other herbs to counteract possible side-effects and address various aspects of an illness. The prescribing of Chinese herbal medicine is based upon an individual diagnosis using the techniques of pulse and tongue evaluation in conjunction with the reading of other signs and symptoms to form a unique pattern diagnosis. This diagnosis and its resulting choice of formula(s) is based on training in Oriental medical theory which is the basis for not only the selection of Chinese herbal medicine but also the proper selection of acupuncture points.

Chinese Medicine
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Acupuncture stimulates a regulatory system affecting the body separately from such systems as the nervous, hormonal, and biochemical systems. This regulatory system is comprised of predictable pathways and points, which have a higher electrical conductivity than the surrounding tissues. When these points are stimulated, they send an electrical signal through the pathways intensifying the healing process and decreasing pain. 


Acupuncture is a form of treatment used as the primary form of medical care (along with Chinese herbal medicine) in Asia for many centuries. It is still used in an integrated fashion with Western medicine in hospitals in modern China.

Plans and Pricing

We have a variety of pricing plans to fit your needs.

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What Patients Say

"I was referred to Jake about 3 years ago for my unexplained symptoms. I had slight palsy, terrible brain fog, trouble walking at times and extreme fatigue. Jake was able to treat all of it and helped me narrow down the issue."

Sherrie J.


Inflammation is said to be the root of all disease.  Allergies are said to be the root of all inflammation.